LLP RUNNING MAN:  The running man is a symbol of pursuing your dreams/goals.  This is the symbol of hard-work and getting through your obstacles no matter what faces you.  The running man has a star as a head which represents everyone being a star.  The 7 point star that the running man is holding is a West African Adinkra symbol  name "NSOROMMA" that means guardianship; child of the heavens, a reminder that God is the father and watches over all people.  The 3 stars the running man is above represents Life, Liberty, Pursuit.  We have to remember as a people that we have to TRY to live a righteous Life, BE responsible for our Liberty, and in the process Pursue our dreams/goals.
LLP LADY LIBERTY: As you see the Lady Liberty has an American flag blind fold on which represents success is blind to color, race, gender, sex, etc.  As long as you are passionate about your dreams, pursuing your dreams, and following your dreams, you will be successful at obtaining and accomplishing your dreams, though it may be harder if you belong to some of  these demographics, depending on your dream, if you stick to your dreams, they will come true.